Co-operative Management Information System (CMIS).

C o-operative Management Information System (CMIS), is a secured,structured and highly intergrated accounting application for the Co-operative Movement developed to address various activities in the co-operative movement. This application enables co-operative organizations to rapidly and efficiently engage, manage and leverage every aspect of their activities for tangible bottom line results.

We customize our solutions to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. This greatly increases productivity and reduces costs. Our team creates robust applications following a methodology based on internationally recognized Capability Maturity Model (CMM). This ensures the delivered project meets the required standards

Our Sacco software is the Best in kenya compared to  other systems in the market today , our software is designed to monitor the dynamics of a Society. For credit and savings products in CMIS , one can enter  Unlimited products  for both savings and loans. Our Sacco management software is integrated which helps sacco’s to automate all its core functions CMIS is an integrated Sacco Management System with a number of  modules  which enable a saccos to manage its operations from loans applications to disbursement, Savings accounts functionality ,Financial accounting and Reporting, shares/Deposits. Customized business rules are implemented on the system and client application provides a secure and easy-to-use graphical user interface for maintenance and manipulation of database records.

CMIS comes with an integrated and easy to use Accounting module that manages your financial accounting needs.With the advancing technology,CMIS is developed to easily integrate with almost any other system.

                                 Web Portal Services

T his is a web portal where members can interact with the society through various activities such as online member registration, opening of an accounts; members can also log in to view and retrieve statements online and check personal information Implementing a web portal will enable the society to grow in membership since new members can join the society through online registration without having to travel to the society offices. This will also enable a society to have a strong financial base as it will get money from entrance fee from members and at the same time there will be an increase in share capital, savings and deposits. Our web portal offers the following but not limited to:-
✔ Online registration for new members.
✔ Account opening online for front office services.
✔ Next of kin details, guarantors, guarantee.
✔ Online statement viewing and printing by members.
✔ Loan calculator.
✔ Loan application