Welcome to CODIC Limited

The Ultimate ICT solution provider to the co-operative movement in kenya

Co-operative Development Information Center (CODIC) Ltd welcomes you to our official website.   
As the center for Infor​mation and Communication Technology (I.C.T) for the Cooperative movement and in persuant of our mandate , we are committed to ensuring that the co-operative movement in​ Kenya as well as Africa continues to affect positively the development of our ​continent​ and the world at large, through the provision of relevant communication and technological products and services to enable societies to operate profitably and face  the fierce competition  they are facing today with confidence.


Our OBJECTIVE is to promote the interests of Co-opertive movement through faster development of Information and Communication systems.


Our VISION is to be a market Leader in the provision of Information Communication Technology (ICT) services in the world.


our MISSION is to provide the best and most advanced information systems and services to the Co-operative movement.