Mr.Peter Mureith Chairman Ukaguzi Sacco Nairobi  Region
Rev  Fredrick Kibuga Vice Chairman KAG Sacco  Nairobi Region
Mr. Robert Kibe Board Member Mentor Sacco Central Region
Mr. Anthony Chacha Mwita Board Member Stake Kenya Sacco Nyanza Region
Mr. Peter Oposamong Board Member Faridi Sacco Western Region
Mrs.  Margaret Macharia Board Member New Fortis Sacco Central Region
Mr. Dickson Munene Board Member Olin Sacco Central Region
Mr. Daniel Nzioki Board Member Kwetu Sacco Eastern Region
Mr Humphrey Mwenda  Board Member Solution Sacco Nairobi Region
Mr. Edwin Bartenga Board Member Mwalimu National Sacco Nairobi Region

Our Partners

Codic has formed technology alliances with leading information technology companies around the globe to enable us to provide the movement with the world’s best software and hardware technologies in a single integrated solution set built ,around proven CMIS foundation. Through Codic Strategic Partners Program, we have strong and compelling partnerships with some of the world’s top software developers and hardware providers. We seek more partners that provide world class products and services that will add value to our clientele.

Channels Partner : Aside from technology partners, we are planning to extend our business network by engaging channel partners such as systems integrators ​and resellers to be located in key markets globally which will assist Codic in delivering our solutions.