Sacco Management Software

Fully Digitize And Future-Proof Your Society

The Power of CMIS In Co-operative Management & Decision-Making

CMIS Sacco Software is a specialized type of software designed to meet the unique needs of cooperatives . We customize our software to meet our customer’s needs and expectations. This greatly increases productivity and reduces costs. Our team creates robust applications following a methodology based on the internationally recognized Capability Maturity Model (CMM). This ensures the delivered project meets the required standards

  • Back/Front Office

    Computerizing cooperatives with Back/Front office

  • Mobile Banking

    Brings service to member via mobile phonees

  • Agency Banking

    Service to member by use of agents

The Power of CMIS In Co-operative Management & Decision-Making

Our Sacco software is the Best in Kenya compared to other systems in the market today. Our software is designed to monitor the dynamics of a Society. For credit and savings products in CMIS, one can enter Unlimited products for both savings and loans. Our Sacco management software is integrated which helps Saccos to automate all its core functions.


CMIS Core Banking System Features & Functions

CMIS comes with an integrated and easy-to-use Accounting module that manages your financial accounting needs. With the advancing technology, CMIS is developed to easily integrate with almost any other system

CMIS Core Banking System Features & Functions
  • Ease of Use: CMIS is guaranteed and has proven to be the best computerization solution for the cooperative movement due to its minimalistic, extremely easy-to-use interface.

  • CMIS Integration: CMIS can easily be integrated with other systems such as Mobile Banking Systems, Agency Banking Systems, ATMs, and other third-party systems to enhance and optimize society's productivity.

  • System Security: CMIS has been developed with the top security practices in place to enhance the security of member funds and safeguard society's data.

  • Excellent Reporting: Societies can generate over 200 different kinds of reports. They include reports for members, management, regulator(SASRA), and Auditors.

  • Accessibility: CMIS is quick and efficient in accessing data for quick decision-making, troubleshooting, and mapping out future plans for not only efficiency but also success.


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