Agency Banking System

The Premium Agency Banking Solution

Bring Society Services Closer to the members with CODIC Agency Banking System

The system facilitates the delivery of financial services outside the society’s conventional Front Office (FO) branches, often using retail agents and relying on technology, such as card readers, point-of–sale (POS) terminal or mobile phones for real time transaction processing. An agent is a retail or outlet contracted by the society to provide a range of financial services to customers. The system is aimed at enhancing financial inclusion, as agents are expected to act as delivery channels and to offer services

Bring Society  Services Closer to the members with CODIC Agency Banking System
Bring Society  Services Closer to the members with CODIC Agency Banking System

Proven to cater to the needs of the biggest Tier 1 and Tier 2 Co-operatives. Agent hierarchies, advanced analytics, multiple devices and thousands of transactions daily supported by our data-driven, enterprise platform.

Benefits of Agency banking system

Expand your market reach quickly and efficiently with the most robust and reliable Agency Banking solution.


    Reduce branch network costs and decongest branches.


    Provide services close to where your customers are at extended hours.


    Mobilize deposits to decrease cost of funds.


    Reach unbanked and underserved customers

Benefits of Agency banking system

Functionalities  of CODIC  Agency Banking

  • Collection and processing of forms/documents in relation to account opening, loan application​, credit and debit card application by the members.
  •  Cash Deposit 
  • Cash Withdrawals.
  • Fund Transfer.
  • Balance inquiry.
  • Bill Payments; Electricity, Water, Rents etc.
  • Payment of salaries.
  • Cash disbursements and loan repayments
  • subscriptions etc.
  • Cheque book request.

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